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24th March 2021


Whilst HSE continue to visit workplaces to ensure they are COVID secure we are also noticing they are also looking at other aspects of your H&S.  Ensure your LEV TExT reports are up to date!

4th March 2021


HSE has updated and expanded its advice to help employers provide adequate ventilation in their workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic.  A link to the latest information provided can be found here


26th June 2020


HSE have released the following information regarding Air Conditioning and Ventilation during the Coronavirus outbreak


General ventilatiion

Employers must, by law, ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in the workplace and this has not changed.

Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, so focus on improving general ventilation, preferably through fresh air or mechanical systems.

Where possible, consider ways to increase the supply of fresh air, for example, by opening windows and doors (unless fire doors).

Also consider if you can improve the circulation of outside air and prevent pockets of stagnant air in occupied spaces. You can do this by using ceiling fans, desk fans or opening windows, for example.

The risk of transmission through the use of ceiling and desk fans is extremely low.

COVID-19 Update - 11th May 2020


Following on from yesterday's government announcement and the fact that many of our clients fall into the categories that will begin to return to work from Wednesday we wanted to advise that Paul Dentith Installations are open for business.


Although our office will remain closed at this time, we continue to have full access to emails, phone calls and meetings remotely.


Our engineers are available for site work.  We have reviewed our Health and Safety to take into accout the government and HSE guidance.  Risk assessments/Method Statements will continue to be issued individually for each job and to be reviewed by our engineers and clients before work proceeds taking into account any site specific rules or engineer concerns.  We remain comitted to working together to ensure we can still offer all our services in the safest possible way for everyone.

COVID-19 update - 20th March 2020


From Monday 23rd March 2020 we have taken the decision to close our office and work from home.  We will have access to emails and all office calls will be diverted to mobile.  We can also arrange meetings via Skype/Zoom if required.


At present, we are experiencing very few issues with our supply chain; the majority of our suppliers remain mostly unaffected.

We have, and will continue, to follow the public health recommendations for health and hygiene as issued by the Government, Public Health England and the NHS.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all our staff and our clients as well as the continuity of our operations throughout this period of escalated concern.


For essential works we will liaise with our clients to continue to provide our services if and where possible.  These will be reviewed on an individual basis and in line with current government guidelines at that time.

20th February 2020

Welding inspections ongoing...

This week HSE are reminding employers that they must protect their workers’ health by controlling the risks from welding fume

They have released some guidance to help employers and employees with the ongoing inspections. This includes links to advice on what to expect from an inspector's visit, the HSE’s revised guidance on welding fume as well as COSHH advice sheets to help you control the risk from hazardous substances in welding.

HSE Safety Alert – February 2019


Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume


HSE have released a safety alert following new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume can cause lung cancer.  There is also limited evidence linked to kidney cancer.  


Therefore, there is a change in HSE enforcement expectations in relation to the control of exposure of welding fume, including that from mild steel welding.


All businesses undertaking welding activities should ensure effective engineering controls are provided and correctly used to control fume arising from those welding activities.  


Please see HSE bulletin reference: STSU1 – 2019


Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume


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